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Want to learn how to do ASL? With ASLdeafined, it’s easy. Subscribe to our site today to get instant access to over 300 lessons, a video dictionary of over 15,000 words, and other tools and resources to boost your learning. You can track your progress with our progress chart and see how far you’ve come. With ASLdeafined, learning a new language has never been easier.

Who Is ASLdeafined For?

The answer is everyone! Whether you love someone who is deaf, are deaf yourself, or just want to learn ASL language, this program is for you. We’ve tailored our lesson plans to fit your specific needs. To learn more, click on the category below that best fits your situation.

Learning Community

Your Community Benefits When You Learn

Every person in every walk of life has the need to know some sign language.


Hearing Parents of Deaf Children

Parents Benefit from Online Sign Language Classes

This comprehensive website, produced using American Sign Language.


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

Sign Language Skills Boost Student Confidence

The greatest accomplishment you can give yourself is the gift of learning.


Why Learn ASL?

The ASL language has obvious benefits for people who are deaf. But as a hearing person, you have plenty of good reasons to learn how to speak ASL too. Here are just a few ways this knowledge will enhance your life:

  • Improve your marketability. ASL literacy gives you an advantage in your career no matter what industry you work in. This skill is also an impressive addition to your resume.
  • Meet new people. When you learn ASL language, you open the doors to communication with an entire group of new people. Even if you can only sign a few basic phrases, you’ll be able to interact more competently with others.
  • Experience a new culture. With a new language, comes appreciation for a new culture. Improve your cultural intelligence by signing up for our ASL classes.

Ready to learn more? Check out our FAQ page, or start your free trial today! 

How it Works

Multiple Meaning Words are also known as "Concept Words"

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Retention Activities

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My Vocabulary

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Theme Lessons

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No.  You can buy the APP for $10.00 for an entire year.  Or, you can select one of our other plans that fits your budget.  If you select one of the other plans (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, 1 year), it will include retention activities, Deaf stories, fingerspelling, personalized progress chart, and a lot more.

Yes we do!  We have an APP in the Apple and Google Play Stores.  Simply search ‘asldeafined’ to download our APP today. The login you use for the main site, will be the same login for the APP.