Website Information

Is this website only for certain people, or age groups?

ASLdeafined was created for everyone, regardless of age, to learn sign language. On this website, lessons are categorized into 3 groups: 1) deaf students, 2) parents with deaf children, and 3) the community at large. By no means is this website only for a particular group or age. Our goal and mission is to present sign language in a format that is easy to learn for all users and subscribers.

Why are the lessons grouped by category and not just in a list of terms?

At ASLdeafined, we believe the best way to learn a language is by categories, and not just random words. Our goal is for the subscriber to link to previous knowledge and experiences while learning sign language.

Does ASLdeafined only use American Sign Language?

ASLdeafined uses American Sign Language, plus signs that are acceptable by the Deaf community at large. It is our intent and goal to use American Sign Language throughout this entire website.

How will I know if my Deaf child is improving with sign language skills and English grammar using ASLdeafined?

Each subscriber has their own personal progress chart that automatically records the score after the completion of every activity.

Does ASLdeafined have an APP?

Yes we do!  We have an APP in the Apple and Google Play Stores.  Simply search ‘asldeafined’ to download our APP today.

The login you use for the main site, will be the same login for the APP.

Subscription Information

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply send us an email and we will refund your money.

How much does it cost to join ASLdeafined?

The cost is $12.00 per year for educational users.  Or, $36.00 per year for personal use.  This price includes unlimited lessons, activities, and games. In addition, the subscription fee pays for continuous updates and versions.  We also have an APP you can download to your phone that supports your learning.  Come and join the fun at ASLdeafined.com

How do I subscribe to this website?

Click on the “Buy Now” page and follow the instructions. Payment is made through Authorize.net, #1 secured credit card processing service online.

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes.  Our system will not renew your subscription.  After a year, if you would like to continue your subscription with ASLdeafined, you can do so and your scores will not be lost.

I forgot my password or username. What do I do?

On the homepage, there is a tab that reads, “forgot password”. Click on that and enter your email address. We will send you a reminder email.

Is there a separate subscription for the APP and the main website?

No.  There is just two prices for our website.  If you are part of an educational institution, the price is $12.00 per year.  And for everyone else, the price is $36.00 per year.  We used to have a separate subscription for our APP, but we don’t anymore.  Once you purchase a subscription, the APP is included.

PayPal Information

Do you only use PayPal?

At ASLdeafined.com we previously used PayPal and some of our subscribers are still on the PayPal system. However, we do not use PayPal any longer.  Yet, if you are on PayPal, you will remain until you cancel your subscription.

We use Authorize.net, a secure credit card processing service.  The #1 processing service on the internet.

Technical Issues

Do I need high speed Internet to use ASLdeafined?

High speed internet is recommended, but not a requirement. However, if you have dial up, it will just take longer to view each video, and to complete the suggested activities.

What if the videos do not work, or take a long time to play?

If you are having a difficult time viewing any video, or it takes a long time to load, check your internet speed.  Make sure you have good working WIFI.  Suggested browsers would be:





General Information

Some of the signs do not include facial expressions or mouth movements. Why not?

Most of the sign videos incorporate facial expressions. However, the focus is on learning the sign. Adding the necessary facial expressions will be taught at a later time. Facial expressions are a vital part of American Sign Language and should not be overlooked. Some of the signs do include necessary mouth movements, however, at this time, we tried to limit the mouth movements as much as possible.

Were any deaf individuals consulted about this site?

Yes. ASLdeafined utilizes a cadre of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.  The majority of the Deaf people you will see in our videos have advanced degrees, and work with Deaf children and ASL students on a daily basis.

Will I see a different sign than the one I have learned previously?

It is possible there will be a different sign than the one you have already learned. Depending on the region, or the concept of the sign, you may see a different sign.

What if I cannot find a specific sign in the dictionary?

At ASLdeafined, we are constantly updating and adding to the dictionary. However, if you would like to know a particular sign, you can submit a word request through our dictionary search button.

Are the people in the videos qualified?

Yes.  ASLdeafined has a team of Deaf staff that record videos.  We believe that learning ASL from a Deaf person is the most natural way to learn.

What is your privacy policy?

ASLdeafined will NEVER sell or give any company your personal information.