Fundraising for Your ASL Program

Fundraising for Your ASL Program

Are you wondering how your school can afford to provide access to for every student in your ASL program?  We have an option for you.

Last year, Kevin Hogan joined ASLdeafined as the fundraiser manager to help schools and organizations offset the cost of ASLdeafined.  As an educator, school budgets are being cut every single year.  And, without the help of outside resources, programs like ASLdeafined may never be utilized.  Here at ASLdeafined, we want to make sure every student and ASL teacher has access to our ASL program and resources.


Looking for a way to pay for at your school?  Help us help you with Fundraising for Your ASL Program!

You’ve decided you want the program for your students to start today, but you’re not quite sure how to fund the $12 per student per year?  No problem!  ASLdeafined has partnered with the # 1 school fundraising organization in the USA to craft a unique program specifically for ASL Programs and Schools!


How it Works!

1.  Contact Kevin Hogan, Fundraising Manager at 248-709-3703 or email to get the details!

2.  Commit to fundraising program start date!

3.  ASLdeafined provides a unique username and password (access information) for each student to get started in your classroom today!

4.  Conduct a quick, easy and efficient program!



Kevin Hogan – Fundraising Manager