“The lesson plans for teachers, 300+ lessons, video slow button, 16,000+ videos in the dictionary are my favorites.  Actually, the entire site is my favorite.  Students are excited about learning ASL again”.  🙂


“As a classroom teacher, I am not given much money.  I was surprised how affordable it was for an entire classroom.  $1.00 per month, per student is a price I cannot refuse.  Thank you for providing this incredible resource for my students.  ASL books are not that effective.  Videos that you have on ASLdeafined are perfect!  Everyone can finally learn without getting frustrated”.


“Love the dictionary and how phrases can be selected.  Like adding to my vocabulary, learning more and more to enhance my skills”.


“Thank you for this amazing resource. I briefly worked with my students during women’s history month to learn how to fingerspell their names (Thank you Helen Keller for the lead-in LOL) and they loved it. I took one class in college and wished I was able to do more. I have been amazed at how the little knowledge I have makes the deaf people I come into contact with happy. I have signed to customers at Taco Bell, Motherhood Maternity and Shop Rite as a part time employee. Each time the customer left with a smile and thanked me for trying to communicate with them in their “language”.


“The materials  are  excellent!  The signing clips for vocabulary, grammar, etc. are very good. It helps with comprehension, not only this, but a good start to writing English skills . Multiple meaning words is one of my favorites to teach Deaf so it is wonderful to see that on your website”.


“It is the best thing you can do on the computer.;)”


“It is perfect for my family to learn from this new ASLdeafined to help them to improve their skills to communicate with me”.


“The world has been waiting for this arrival.”


“Yay! I’m really excited about ASLdeafined! What a needed service!”


“This site is so user friendly! Wow. Love the comprehensive video dictionary. This will help everyone learn to sign, regardless of skill level.”


“ is the best learning tool for ASL that I have ever come across. I love the fact that each lesson is reinforced with multiple quizzes. Each word is taught with video so you can precisely see how to sign instead of guessing from a book. I have highly recommended this website to several friends and would recommend it for you too.”


“OH MY GOSH!! That is so cool! The site looks great, is easy to navigate and use, and is incredibly cool!”


“This site is so cool! It teaches and covers all the basics so we recognize the sign, word, and finger spelling in a sentence. Excellent teaching tool. Thank you!! It is so easy to learn!!”


“I really like the dictionary part. I can select certain phrases and add them to my vocabulary.”


“Hi! I just want to congratulate you…this is the website I have been waiting for…I love ASL and do not have any good classes in my community…”


“I think the site is great…I’ve been showing my friends everything I learned all day…Your price is super reasonable and I can do everything on my own time, at my own pace.”


ASLdeafined was featured on April 13, 2009 on WDIV in Detroit. Launching of

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