Your Community Benefits When You Learn Sign Language Online

Your Community Benefits When You Learn Sign Language Online

Every person in every walk of life has the need to know some sign language, even if you are not going to use that skill on a daily basis. For example, doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, retail workers, and government employees are constantly frustrated with their inability to communicate with those who cannot hear because of their lack in ability to use sign language.

When you learn sign language online, your signing skills will increase your ability to communicate with a class of people that you can no longer afford to ignore. Police officers, retailers, and all aspects of society need to reach out to those who are Deaf, to better serve the entire community, and not just certain parts of it.

This website is designed to help every individual learn sign language online – at his or her own pace. Make it fun. Learn with a friend, or from your desk at home, office, or wherever a computer is available. Learn about the Deaf community and their language as you become more confident at communicating with Deaf individuals at work, school, or in social settings.

The internet has made it easy to learn sign language online. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each learner can access the entire site at his or her convenience. New lessons are added weekly. There is a section called, “News and Tips” that is updated periodically with various subjects and topics.

Remember this: When you learn sign language online, education takes place at your convenience from your home, office, or elsewhere. Many of our subscribers have written emails telling how they will invite friends over and learn sign language online together. Make learning this new language fun. Be creative! Have sign language gatherings where everyone has to use sign language and no spoken language is used. Create stories with all participants sitting in a circle and each individual adds a new sign at his or her turn. The more you use the language, the better and faster you will grow.

Join this exciting new website and see how quickly you can learn sign language online. It will broaden your knowledge of world languages, while satisfying your desire to learn this wonderful and powerful language.

Main Features:

  • For all ages
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Themed lessons
  • Latest video technology
  • Retention exercises and activities
  • Individualized progress chart
  • 17,000 + video dictionary
  • Group rates available upon request

  • $12.00  per year – Educational Price – no obligation
  • $36.00 per year – Personal Use – no obligation
  • Self-paced
  • Customizable features
  • Introduction to Deaf culture
  • ASL grammar and structure
  • Multiple meaning words and concepts
  • Synonyms

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