ASLdeafined offers 3 areas, or groups, of lessons, depending on your specific interest:  (1) For those who wish to learn sign language because of a personal interest, (2) for parents of Deaf children, and (3) for Deaf individuals, desiring to strengthen both their ASL and English skills, collectively.

ASLdeafined contains over 300 themed lessons, regardless of what group you select.  You can choose your group preference from the 3 listed above, that best fits your need. The monthly fee is $16, but that price is lower, depending on the length of time you subscribe for.  For example, a one-year subscription is $108, or just $9 per month.

If you already possess some degree of sign language ability, you may wish to purchase a monthly $6 subscription just to our dictionary, containing over 15,000 video words and synonyms (extremely important to know with ASL).  This offer is for those with some degree of signing skill, but when you don’t know a particular sign, simply go to the dictionary and click on the word.  A video appear, showing precisely exactly how it is signed.

Remember, with the monthly (or longer) subscription, you will have full access to over 300 themed lessons, the dictionary of over 15,000 video words, retention exercises, a progress chart, instant feedback, fingerspelling, lessons on Deaf culture, grammar instruction, handshapes/locations of signs, and much more.

Tour our website.  Check out all the features that were developed by professionals.  ASLdeafined wishes to support you in your effort to learn American Sign Language.  Whether you sign up for one month, or one year, we are offering all of this for a very low price.  We hope to see you online very soon.