Why an Online ASL Program is More Effective Than a Textbook

Everybody learns differently. Some of us are verbal learners, others are aural learners, others are visual learners, and so forth. However, when it comes to American Sign Language (ASL), those who would like to learn need to do so visually. Unlike other languages, ASL can’t be written down or read in the traditional sense. Instead, it is “spoken” using hand signs and movements. Traditionally, ASL is taught to both Deaf and hearing people using a textbook. However, because many words in ASL include movements, it can be difficult to learn the language by looking at a stagnant picture. Here are 3 reasons why an online ASL program, like ASLdeafined, is a more effective method to learn ASL than a textbook:

More realistic

While learning languages from a textbook is the norm, it’s not necessarily the most efficient. Think about it- how many people took spanish lessons in high school, but can’t hold a single conversation today? The main reason for this is the way that the language was learned. Learning languages- especially ASL- in active video form gives students a much more realistic example of how to communicate. They can see the rate at which people speak, the common signs used, and much more. Our online ASL program gives students a real life experience and teaches them to converse, rather than read and memorize.


It can be difficult- not to mention heavy- to carry a language book around with you. Our ASLdeafined program is available on app form, which means that you can conveniently learn on the go! The app can simply be downloaded into a phone that you already have, which adds no extra weight to your bag and can fit in your pocket! Using an online platform to learn American Sign Language is much more effective because you can fit in little lessons throughout your day whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Easier to absorb

Did you know that the human brain processes pictures and videos 60,000 times faster than text? Not only is an online ASL program convenient and realistic, but it is also exceptionally more effective. Not only is information absorbed faster in video format, but your brain also retains more that way. You could learn several ASL lessons in video format in the time that it takes you to read about how they are performed.

At ASLdeafined, we are passionate about teaching both Deaf and hearing people American Sign Language. Our research has shown us that ASL programs with videos are much more effective than textbooks. Our new and innovative ASL program was designed with this in mind. With our program, you can get access to more than 300 lessons and an ASL dictionary in video form with over 15,000 words- amongst other helpful resources. Not only is ASLdeafined easy to use, but it’s also extremely effective. Give it a try today!