Top Reasons to Learn ASL

As American Sign Language (ASL) has increased in its popularity and usage, so too has the number of reasons to learn ASL. No longer is it only the deaf and parents of the deaf who are learning to use sign language to communicate with one another. People from all walks of life are starting to learn ASL, and almost everyone has a different reason for doing so.

Here are just a few of the top reasons to learn American Sign Language.

  • Communicate with deaf family and friends—Obviously, the most common reason to learn ASL is out of the necessity to communicate with a deaf friend or family member. Taking an online ASL course will help you start by mastering the basics and then moving forward to conquer even the most advanced intricacies of ASL. The key to learning ASL is to stay committed to it and to practice using it as often as possible. This will help you sharpen your ASL skills and embed the signs in your memory.
  • Give back to others—Some choose to learn ASL because they simply wish to better the lives of those around them. Whether you’re interested in volunteering at a school for the deaf or you want to start a deaf ministry at your church, learning American Sign Language is a great way to give back to others.
  • Further your career—In many professions, learning American Sign Language can help take your career to the next level. As an example, if you’re a teacher who knows ASL, you could get more opportunities with your specialized skill set than other teachers. Also, there is always a demand for certified ASL interpreters, representing a great job opportunity for those who want to do something they love and put their Sign Language skills to work every day.
  • Interact with a baby—Recently, it’s become very popular for mothers to use Sign Language to communicate with their babies. Obviously, a baby can’t always vocalize what he or she wants, but you can teach the infant basic Sign Language commands to aid in communication. Not only will this help you better understand what your baby wants, but it will also allow your child’s mind to begin developing at a very young age.
  • Enjoy the beauty of ASL—For others, the decision to learn ASL is simply about enjoying the beauty of the language. American Sign Language has many intricacies and a unique rhythm, and just watching it in use can be a beautiful thing. For visually-oriented people, ASL is a comfortable, refreshing way to communicate. In fact, some students are foregoing learning the traditional second languages, like Spanish and French, in favor of learning American Sign Language.
  • No matter what your reasons are for deciding to learn ASL, it’s important that you enroll in a reputable course that gives you the best chance to master the language. Make certain the online course you choose is taught by professionally certified ASL interpreters with experience in teaching ASL.